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Indian Ocean Argo Data Viewing Application

About Argo Data Viewing Application

A new version (2.2) of the "Argo Data and Products for Indian Ocean" is available for download. It is sequel to the version 2.1 developed by the Data Management and Information Group (DMG) of the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad, India.

Salient Features of this Product

  • GUI for easy navigation, browsing, data extraction with user defined spatial and temporal domains
  • Spatial Coverage : 20°E - 140°E and 70°S - 30°N
  • Temporal Coverage : January 2001 - April 2017
  • Number of Argo Floats : 2863 Argo floats deployed by India and other countries in the Indian Ocean
  • Number of Profiles : ~3,21,445 Temperature and Salinity Profiles collected by Argo Floats, excluding profiles in the Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ)
  • Value Added Products: Temperature, Salinity and Geostrophic Currents (0, 75, 100, 200, 500, 1000 M depths), Heat Content up to 300 M, Mixed Layer Depth, Isothermal Layer Depth, Depth of 20° and 26° Isotherms, Dynamic Height
  • T/S Plots :
    • Plots of temperature and salinity of a single profile and all profiles from a float can be viewed with a single mouse click
  • Filtering & Sorting :
    • Enhanced querying option for filtering and retrieving specific data of interest
  • Objectively analyzed data products in NetCDF format
  • Publications
  • GUI for easy navigation, browsing, data extraction with user defined spatial and temporal domains
  • Software for viewing the NetCDF files

The data can be interactively obtained by using the interface software developed in Java. This application works on Windows operating system and can be best view in 1024 X 768 screen resolution.

Contents of the Software product

  • dbase : This folder consists of the Argo databases and netcdf files
  • jre : This folder contains the java runtime environment to execute the software application
  • lib : This folder contains the necessary library files to execute the application
  • documents : This folder consists of the supporting, help documents and manuals


For Software support, please contact Geetha ( or Uday (

How to Download

Available for download from the ftp site.

How to acknowledge data plotted in the software:

The following paper must be cited while publishing any paper/report based on the data in the software.

"Argo Data and Products of Indian Ocean for Low Bandwidth Users, G. Geetha, T.V.S. Udaya Bhaskar, E. Pattabhi Rama Rao, International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography, Vol 5, Issue 1, pp 1 - 8, 2011."

After publication, please provide your publication reference to

Contact :
Data and information Management Group (DMG),
Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services,
"Ocean Valley",
Pragathi Nagar (BO),
Nizampet (SO),
Hyderabad - 500 090

Tele: 91-40-23886008 / 23895008 (O)
Mail ID :
For Latest data updates, visit :