Schematic of Argo SOLO float

Schematic of Argo SOLO-II float
(Courtesy of Michael McClune at Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Comprised of three subsystems:

  1. Hydraulics: control buoyancy adjustment via an inflatable external bladder, so the float can surface and dive.
  2. Microprocessors: deal with function control and scheduling.
  3. Data transmission system: controls communication with satellite.

Approx. Weight: 20 Kg
Max. operating depth: 2000m
Crush depth: 2600m


There are many float models in the Argo array. A few of the major ones are the PROVOR and the ARVOR built by NKE-INSTRUMENTATION in France in close collaboration with IFREMER, the APEX float produced by Teledyne Webb Research Corporation in the USA, the NAVIS built by Sea-Bird in the USA, and the SOLO-II float built by MRV Systems in the USA.