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AST Meeting Reports

March 2015 Report of the Sixteenth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-16),
Brest, France (.pdf 8MB, 134 pages)
Action Items
March 2014 Report of the Fifteenth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-15),
Halifax, N.S, Canada (.pdf 9MB, 140 pages)
Action Items
March 2013 Report of the Fourteenth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-14),
Wellington, NZ (.pdf 6MB, 121 pages)
Action Items
March 2012 Report of the Thirteenth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-13),
Paris, France (.pdf 13.1Mb, 118 pages)
Action Items
March 2011 Report of the Twelfth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-12),
Buenos Aires, Argentina (.pdf 46.3Mb, 123 pages)
Action Items
March 2010 Report of the Eleventh Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-11),
La Jolla, USA (.pdf 11.7Mb, 130 pages)
Action Items
March 2009 Report of the Tenth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-10),
Hangzhou, China (.pdf 4.9Mb, 104 pages)
Action Items
March 2008 Report of the Ninth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-9),
Exeter, United Kingdom (.pdf 4.1Mb, 98 pages)
Action Items
March 2007 Report of the Eighth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-8),
Paris, France (.pdf 5.3Mb, 90 pages)
Supporting documents file (.pdf, 21.7Mb, 174 pages)
Action Items
January 2006 Report of the Seventh Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-7), Hyderabad, India (.pdf 4Mb, 99 pages) Action Items
March 2004 Report of the Sixth Argo Steering Team Meeting (AST-6),
Brest, France (.pdf 687Kb, 57 pages)
Table 7.1: Argo data use, (.pdf 33Kb, 1 page)
Table 7.1: Notes, (.pdf 36Kb, 6 pages)
Japanese Report, (.pdf 220Kb, 5 pages)
UK Report, (.pdf 458Kb, 6 pages)
USA Report, (.pdf 29Kb, 2 pages)
Action Items
March 2003 Report of the Fifth Argo Science Team Meeting (AST-5),
Hangzhou, China (.pdf 1.2Mb, 65 pages), plus Cover page
Action Items
March 2002 Report of the Fourth Argo Science Team Meeting (AST-4),
Hobart, Tasmania Australia (.pdf 2Mb, 47 pages)
March 2001 Report of the Third Argo Science Team Meeting (AST-3),
Sidney, B.C. Canada (.pdf 600k, 37 pages)
March 2000 Report of the Second Argo Science Team Meeting (AST-2),
Southampton U.K. (.pdf 200k, 35 pages)
March 1999 Report of the First Argo Science Team Meeting (AST-1),
Easton, Maryland (.pdf 78k, 27 pages)