Argo world 

Links to movies

Argo YouTube Channel (argoproject) - collection of videos posted by the Argo Project Office including animations, float deployments, and news clips.

Argo Information Centre movie FTP site

Selection of movies on YouTube

The following movies all pertain to Argo and many of them are available on the Argo YouTube Channel. When available, direct links to high resolution video and more information about the video are provided.


Argo stop-motion animation aimed to inspire children and adults developed by IMOS
Direct access to video
Science-comic on how Argo floats work by Michelle Weirathmueller
Original blog post
Short animation that explains the purpose of Argo and how floats work

Download the animation (25 MB)

Short programs

Earth Reporter Dr. Susan Wijffels, discuss the Argo Program

Synopsis and direct access to 30 minute episode

Scripps Institution of Oceanography video on the Argo array and why it is important

Download the movie (plays in Itunes, 125 MB)


Short video of Deep SOLO prototype test deployment
Link to high resolution version
Short video of an Argo float deployment by the Lady Amber in strong winds
Short BBC video of an Argo float deployment done in the Indian Ocean
Short video of an Argo float deployment done as part of the 2007 repeat of the I8S WOCE hydrographic section.

High resolution version of the movie (555 MB)

Short video of an Argo float deployment from a ship of opportunity, the Hapag-Lloyd Veracruz Express