Argo world 

The following papers give information about Argo as part of the global observing system.

March 2012 On the beginnings of Argo. Dean Roemmich
July 2009 Argo Core Activities statement
May 2004 Argo Profiling Floats Bring New Era of In Situ Ocean Observations. John Gould and the Argo Steering Team, EoS Vol 85 No. 19
Fall 2003 WOCE and TOGA - The Foundations of the Global Ocean Observing System. John Gould , Oceanography, 16
August 2003 The future of Climate Observations in the Global Ocean. Dean Roemmich and John Gould - Sea Technology
  2001 Argo Chapter from 'Observing the Oceans in the 21st Century', The Argo Science Team
  2000 Launching the Argo Armada. Stan Wilson, Oceanus
  2000 Article in U.S. WOCE Newsletter, Dean Roemmich
Fall 1998 On the Design and Implementation of Argo, The Argo Science Team