POAMA operational systems

Product description

The Predictive Ocean Atmosphere Model for Australia (POAMA) is a seasonal to inter-annual seasonal forecasting system based on a coupled ocean/ atmosphere model and ocean/ atmosphere/ land observation assimilation systems. The newest version, POAMA-2, runs twice per week and provides monthly seasonal climate outlooks and El Nino forecasts out to nine months ahead as well as other products on a weekly to monthly basis.

Ocean parameters

The following products are operational and available here:

  • Seasonal Climate Outlook
  • ENSO forecasts
  • Great Barrier Reef SST forecasts
Additionally, there are many experimental products available here.

All the products are available in the form of maps or plots. It is possible to access some data via an OPeNDAP server.


Horizontal Resolution
  • Global, 2 degrees in zonal direction
  • Meridional spacing is 0.5° within 8° of equator, increasing to 1.5° near the poles
Vertical Resolution 25 levels
Global with a focus on the equatorial region and region around Australia

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