Mercator forecasting systems

Product description

Mercator Ocean operates a 1/12° global system. There are daily forcasts and weekly analyses. In addition to the physical forecast, there is also a weekly global biogeochemical forecast at 1/4°. Finally, a higher resolution (1/36°) model covers the Iberian Biscay and it is updated daily. Data gathered from the following sources are used in the systems:

  • Sea level anomaly (SLA)
  • Sea surface temperature (SST)
  • T / S profiles (Argo profiles represent more than 50% of profiles)

Ocean parameters

The following are the parameter ouputs of the Mercator Ocean system:

  • salinity
  • temperature
  • surface currents
  • sea surface height
  • ice parameters
All of these products can be viewed in the weekly bulletins that are released and archived.

The data can be accessed through the Marine Copernicus catalog. Choose which data set you prefer by the region and description. The following direct links are from the Marine Copernicus database:

The daily, global, 1/12° model data.

The global biogeochemical anaylsis.

The Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea analysis and forecast.


Horizontal Resolution
(3-9 km)
(~2.5 km)
Vertical Resolution
50 levels
50 levels
50 levels
Spatial coverage
NE Atlantic and
W Med Sea
(20%deg;W - 10°E,
26°N - 64°N)
Temporal resolution
Daily mean
Weekly mean
Daily and Hourly means
Temporal coverage
7 day forecasts
Analyses from 01/07/2011 to 2 weeks before this Wednesday
Analyses from 14/04/2011 to Day-1 and 5 day forecasts
Update frequency
Daily update
Weekly update
Daily update

PSY4V2 (1/12° Global): Temperature on 25-04-2014 at 0m

BIOMER4V1 (1/4° Global): Mass Concentration of Chlorophyll on 27-12-2014

IBI36QV4 (1/36°): Temperature forecast on 10-01-2015 at 0m