JMA operational systems (Analyzed Oceanic Conditions, ODAS)

Product description

JMA uses real-time Argo data in two operational products: one for operational oceanographic analysis and forecast in the seas around Japan, Analyzed Oceanic Conditions, and the other for monitoring and predicting of ENSO (ODAS). The first product provides daily and monthly products for the seas around Japan and the Pacific Ocean. ODAS provides monthly analyses and indices for the equatorial Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Both systems assimilate a variety of data into their MOVE/MRI.COM system including subsurface temperature and salinity data and sea surface height data. The subsurface data comes from the GTS and is comprised of Argo floats, XBTs, XCTDs, TAO/TRITON array, and CTDs.

Ocean parameters

The following parameter outputs of the Analyzed Oceanic Conditions system for the seas around Japan can be found here:

  • Daily SST
  • 10-day mean SST
  • Monthly mean SST
  • Daily subsurface temperatures
  • 10-day mean subsurface temperatures
  • Monthly mean subsurface temperatures
  • Surface currents
  • Sea ice parameters

The following parameter outputs of the ODAS system can be found here:

  • El Nino Monitoring Indices
  • SST and SST anomalies
  • Temperature and temperature anomaly cross sections
  • Ocean heat content anomalies
The website with the products from the seas around Japan has maps for viewing for the most recent couple of months. It is also possible to apply for access to the gridded values.

The ODAS website has the current El Nino Monitoring Indices maps available for viewing.


Horizontal Resolution
0.5° longitude by 1° latitude except near equator
(0.3° at the finest )
Vertical Resolution
52 levels;
23 of which are above 200 m
Global including the Artic Ocean

ODAS: Monthly mean SST and anomalies for Pacific and Indian Oceans

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