First Announcement

Third Argo Delayed-Mode Quality Control Workshop (DMQC-3)
University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Wednesday September 10 to Friday September 12, 2008


Annie Wong, UW, Seattle, USA

Brian King, NOC, Southampton, UK

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Please register your intention to attend DMQC-3 with Brian King and Annie Wong.

Attendees are strongly advised to obtain their visas for visiting the U.S. as early as possible. Please email Annie Wong if you need an official letter of invitation for this purposes.

The objectives of the workshop will include, but will not be limited to:

  1. improve the consistency of the DMQC decision making
  2. review experience with OW software
  3. review experience of experimental use of Argo profiles in DMQC reference data
  4. review known instrument errors and failure modes
  5. review regional oceanography, in particular, complex areas that pose problems for float salinity calibration
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