Australia Bureau of Meteorology Analysis System (BMRC)

BMRC and NMOC have been running global weekly 1° spatial resolution optimum interpolation sea surface temperature (SST) analyses since 1994. The focus of the system is on the equatorial Pacific, but some products are also global. Data is gathered from various sources including:

  • drifting and moored buoys
  • Argo floats and CTDs via the GTS
  • satellite data

Ocean parameters

The following parameters are operational outputs of the BMRC model and can be found here:

  • Global weekly SST and SST anomaly
  • Australasian region weekly SST and SST anomaly
  • Pacific region weekly SST and SST anomaly
  • Indian Ocean weekly SST and SST anomaly
All of these products are in the form of maps or plots that can be downloaded.


There is 1° spatial resolution.

Operational Global SST analysis

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