To all who submitted abstracts:

Thank you for the 90 abstracts received for ASW3. Given this overwhelming response, we were unable to accommodate all those who requested a talk, and so some were asked to present posters instead. The schedule will include a generous amount of time for poster inspection as we realize this will be an important part of the workshop. Please look in the spreadsheet of accepted abstracts below to see if your abstract was accepted as a talk or as a poster. The schedule is also available to see when your talk occurs.

As a reminder, we request that all presentations, both oral and poster, assign some time or space to critique how well Argo served the purpose of your research. Feedback on the array design and density, sampling interval, drifting depth, sampling depth, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Spreadsheet of accepted abstracts

Detailed schedule in pdf

Instructions for Poster Presenters:

Instructions for Oral Presenters:


Requirements for abstract submission:

We invite abstract submissions for oral or poster presentations on any topic and any region of the oceans provided that substantial use is made of Argo data. Please note that the purpose of the meeting is to assess the general utility of the Argo array and its future direction and so we encourage presenters to spend a little time commenting on how well the project worked and, if possible, mention what changes to the design of Argo might have improved the research.

Indicate your preference for an oral presentation or a poster. As the number of oral slots is limited, the Science Program Committee will select oral presentations from those who indicate that preference. As there will likely not be enough time for all who wish to give talks, the remaining will be asked to present posters.

Please submit electronically, a one-page abstract in Microsoft Word or text format by email to Indicate the session topic to which you would like to submit the abstract and your preference for a talk or a poster. The deadline for abstract submission was 19 December 2008. We will accept late abstracts through January 2nd. When submitting an abstract, please follow the guidelines for length and format used for PICES meetings as demonstrated on the template.

For questions about abstracts, email

Authors of accepted presentations will be notified via email.