Hotel Information for AST-20

The AST-20 meeting will be held at the Hangzhou JINXI hotel which is located on the northwestern corner of the West Lake. The local host can help participants to book the rooms. Please send your room request to Xiaofen Wu ( Note that the spring season is a tourist season for Hangzhou, so all the participants should book rooms ASAP.

A. Room type:

The hotel will provide three kinds of room to all guests:

  1. Sunlight Room 980 RMB/per night (10 rooms)
  2. Elegant Room: 880 RMB/per night (21 rooms)
  3. Business Room: 750 RMB/per night (8 rooms)
  4. Garden View Room: 680 RMB/per night (11 rooms)

Every room includes one breakfast, with bed size 1.8 * 2.0 m, with internet connection, and the electric power supply is 110V/220V.

B. Hotel Wifi:

Internet access is available in both the venues and the rooms:

  1. Room: connect to the wireless - the interface of login - account number: room number - password is the last four numbers of ID card or passport.
  2. Venue: connect wireless - the interface of login - click the phone connection at the right bottom - the password is the verification code that received by your phone.