Hotel Information for AST-19

Users are asked to make their own accommodations.
Here is a list of local hotels ordered by the number of stars for each hotel.

** Sidney Travel Lodge has 88 rooms, but some are reserved permanently by Air Canada for flight crews.

*** Best Western Emerald Isle Hotel is where visitors to IOC stay. It has 64 rooms.

*** Sidney Waterfront Inn and Suites has 34 rooms.

*** Beacon Inn has 9 rooms.

**** Sidney Pier Hotel has 55 rooms

Click on blue markers on the map below to see the hotel locations and the location of the Institute of Ocean Sciences (IOS).

The line shows how to drive from the Best Western Emerald Isle to IOS. It is 4.6km and about 10 minutes by car.

Given the difficult parking situation on the IOS campus, it is likely that meeting participants will be shuttled to and from the meeting.