Agenda and Documents for Agenda Items National Reports

Draft Commitments Table

BUFR proposal for BGC floats

Argo operational and coverage status

5.2 AIC Report on Status of Argo

5.5 Japan Argo

5.6 Limiting the complexity of the Argo data stream

5.8 An Argo dta paper and advancement of Argo DOIs

6.1 Feedback from ADMT-16

6.2 CTD measuring up to 1 db

6.3 What float engineering data needs to be in Argo files?

6.4 Trajectory V3.1 files

6.6 BUFR format for BGC floats

6.7 CTD Reference Database

7.2 Deep NINJA observation

7.3 Estimated State of Global Ocean for Climate Research

7.4 Future plan of JAMSTEC Argo

8.1 Arvor


8.1 NOVA

8.1 SOLO

8.2 RBR

8.2 SBE61CP performance on Deep Argo floats

8.2 Tangaroa SBE61 CTD validation cruise

8.2 UK Deep Argo floats

8.4 Pressure sensor performance

9.2 Deep Argo Pilot in Southwest Pacific

9.2 Deep Argo Pilot in Indian Ocean

9.2 Deep Argo Pilot in Southern Ocean

9.3 BGC Argo

9.3 Western Boundary Currents

9.3 Near-equatorial enhancements

9.3 Polar Argo

9.3 Marginal Seas

10.1 Argo Bibliography

10.2 Argonautics

10.3 & 10.4 AST website & Ocean heat content plots

10.8 Argo Education Workshop


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