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4.1 Argo instruments by M. Belbeoch

4.1 Mapping Indicators by M. Belbeoch

4.3 Deployment opportunities by M. Belbeoch and M. Kramp

5.5 Sparseness maps by P.E. Robbins

5.7 Atlantic Observing System by P-Y Le Traon

5.8 Bio-Argo Pilot by H. Claustre

5.8 Biogeochemical Argo by S. Riser

5.9 EuroArgo ERIC by P-Y Le Traon

5.10 Argo Canada by D. Gilbert

5.11 Argo France by G. Maze

6.1 ADMT-14 feedback by S. Pouliquen

6.1 Requests for commercial partners by M. Scanderbeg

6.3 Argo BUFR enhancements by J. Turton

6.4 CTD Reference data by S. Diggs

6.5 Status of the trajectory data by M. Scanderbeg

7.3 The South African Argo Research Porgram by T. Morris

7.4 Report of PICES Summer School by H. Freeland

8.1 Status of Arvor and Provor floats by G. Maze

8.2 Deep APEX by S. Riser

8.2 Deep NINJA by T. Suga

8.2 Deep Provor/Arvor by G. Maze

8.2 Deep Argo cruise by D. Roemmich

8.4 Bio Argo technical progress by H. Claustre

8.7 Micro-floats by S. Jayne

8.8 DMQC comparisons by B. King

9.1 Seasonal ice by B. Klein

9.1 Marginal Seas by P-M Poulain

9.1 Deep Argo by S. Wijffels

9.1 Western Boundary by T. Suga

9.1 Equatorial by D. Roemmich

9.1 Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico by P.E. Robbins

9.2 GOOS and OOPC update by T. Suga

10.1 Report on GODAE OV Symposium by H. Freeland

10.2 Argo Bibliography by M. Scanderbeg

10.3 Argo's DOIs by J. Buck

10.4 Argonautics Newsletter by J. Turton

10.5 GODAE OceanView workshop by P-Y Le Traon

10.5 Argo Science Workshop and GO-SHIP by B. King

10.6 Google Earth and Argo API by M. Belbeoch, S. Diggs, G. Maze

10.8 Mon ocean et moi website by H. Claustre

13 Argo quality indicators by B. King

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