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Draft of AST 13 Agenda

Action items from AST 12

AST 13 registrants

Implementation Issues

AIC Report/Status of Argo

The Beginnings of Argo: 1997-1999

EuroArgo update

Forum for the future of Japan Argo

Commitments table from AST 13

Float deployment opportunities

AIC Funding


Biogeochemical Argo

JCOMM Observing Program Support Centre

Mediterranean and Black Seas sampling schemes

East Sea sampling scheme

Data Management related issues

Feedback from ADMT-12

Update on pressure error correction and impacts

Feedback from Argo Trajectory Workshop

CCHDO/NODC activity

Science Talks

Claustre, H., A. Mignot, X. Xing, F. Dortenzio, A. Poteau. Bio-optical floats: (1) towards delayed mode for Chla and CDOM; (2) understanding the seasonal DCM dynamics in the sub-tropical regimes

Poulain, P.M., G. Notarstefano (OGS, Trieste, Italy), E. Stanev (Univ. Sofia, Bulgaria; Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Germany). Long term variations in the thermohaline properties in the Mediterranean and Black Seas as derived from Argo data

Technical Issues

Float technology progress: Riser

Float technology progress: Suga

Float technology progress: LeReste

Float technology progress: Owens

Float technology progress: Gilbert

Float technology progress: Johnson

Status of oxygen measurement and qc: Riser

Status of oxygen measurement and qc: Gilbert

Update on near-surface temperature

Status of satellite communications: Piotrowicz

Status of satellite communications: Hosoda

Demonstrating Argo's value/evolving for Argo's future

Argo Science Workshop 4

Argo bibliography

Google Ocean

Argonautics Newsletter

Argo data and information accessible through interoperability with IOC Ocean Data Portal

Argo outreach activities: SEREAD

How is Argo doing with regard to its progress and priorities?

Zip file with all the talks

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