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Draft Agenda


5. Implementation issues

Status of Argo

OOPC working group results

EuroArgo update

Brazil plans

Commitments table

Float deployment opportunities

Forum for the future of Japan Argo and beached floats discussion

BioArgo update

6. Data Management and related issues

Document prepared for ADMT-11 describing AST feedback on data status and priorities

Feedback from ADMT-11

Impact of pressure errors on the Argo dataset

Document describing ANDRO Atlas status on trajectory data

Status of trajectory data

CCHDO and NODC activity

8. Technical issues

Float technology progress - Riser

Float technology progress - V. Thierry/ S. LeReste

SOLO-II update

Oxygen workshop in Brest, France

Upate on near surface temperature

9. Demonstrating Argo's value/evolving for Argo's future

Argo bibliography

Argonautics newsletter

Global Marine Argo Atlas update

Present version of 1-page document on sustaining Argo, awaiting revisions

All talks

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