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Final BGC-ADMT Agenda

Discussion items for BGC-ADMT

Draft ADMT Agenda

Meeting Attendees

Draft DAC Trajectory Workshop Agenda

DAC Trajectory Workshop data and supporting files

DAC Trajectory Cookbook

First Group Photo

Second Group Photo

Third Group Photo

Zip of all presentations

Feedback from 18th AST meeting

Feedback from Profiling Float and Platform Workshop

Argo Status and Real time monitoring

Argo visualization website and API

Feedback on Citation advertisement

GTS status

BUFR convertor tool

Status of anomalies at GDAC

Status on anomalies detected with Altimetry

Feedback on investigation in changing RT order of tests to catch more anomalies

Density inversion test and alternate flagging algorithms

Proposal on how to include RBR data in Argo data system

Operational status at Coriolis GDAC

Operational status at US GDAC

GDAC Action Items

Auxiliary directory tree status

Status of Format Checker

NERC Vocabulary

J. Gilson's status of conversion to v3.1

C. Coatonoan's status of conversion to 3.1

Status of highly desirable CONFIG_PARAMs

Proposal on how to improve information on under-ice positions

How to accommodate Deep Argo ascending/descending profiles

Status of trajectory files

SBE41 performance from delayed mode

Improving Delayed Mode Processing Monitoring and Priority Setting

Progress on Argo CTD Reference Database

CCHDO/US-NODC progress

Machine Learning and DMQC

North Atlantic ARC

Med Sea ARC

Pacific ARC

Indian ARC

Southern Ocearn ARC

Framework for what is an Argo float

Proposal on how to adjust profile files for under-ice positions

DAC Trajectory Workshop Talks

Background of v3.1 trajectory file format

Real Time QC tests on Trajectory Files

Trajectory File Checker examples

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