AGU Fall meeting session announcement

At this year's AGU Fall meeting, there will be a session on sea level change. See the description of the session below. Details of the meeting, including the abstract submission process, can be found at: Note the deadline for the submission of abstracts is 3 September 2359 (EDT; 4 September 0359 GMT). This year there is a new abstract submission and management system, so it is advisable to submit early. Importantly, your AGU membership fee must be paid by 20 August if you wish to submit at abstract.

G07 Quantifying Sea Level Change:

Rory Bingham, Eric Leuliette, Riccardo Riva, Mark Tamisiea

Description: Sea level rise, through the combined effect of net ocean warming and mass influx from melting ice sheets and mountain glaciers, is one of the most pressing problems facing humankind. Moreover, due to secondary, spatially-varying changes in absolute and relative sea level arising from the associated changes in solid Earth loading and variability of the Earth's gravity field, the threat will not be uniformly felt. This session solicits papers addressing these issues, particularly through the exploitation of maturing geodetic and in-situ hydrographic datasets. We welcome papers seeking to account for absolute sea level change in terms of its mass and volume components, including those examining how weaknesses in current datasets and models may impinge on the accuracy of sea level budget estimates. Papers focusing on how changes in continental loading and Earth's gravity affect absolute and relative sea level, including the fingerprints of such changes, are also encouraged.